Hans Mehl

Chief Optimization Officer

Hans Mehl, a hearing industry veteran of 30 years, serves as Starkey’s Chief Optimization Officer.

In this role, Hans Mehl plays a crucial part in streamlining operations, enhancing productivity, and ensuring a forward-thinking approach to the customer experience. His responsibilities include collaborating across various departments to identify and implement efficiency improvements as Starkey continues to develop new, industry-leading products.

Hired in 2022, Hans Mehl uses his executive leadership experience and deep industry expertise to improve Starkey in the critical areas of manufacturing, global supply chain, manufacturing engineering, and quality & regulatory affairs. Reporting to Heinz Ruch, Chief Operations Officer, and as a member of Starkey’s Executive Team, Hans Mehl immerses himself into strategic projects and areas of opportunity to pursue continuous improvement and operational excellence to help position Starkey as a leader in product quality and on-time delivery.

Prior to joining Starkey, Hans Mehl worked in Germany, Switzerland, and the United States in executive-level positions within the industry’s leading organizations. He previously led global operations for one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world and has extensive experience in finance and global manufacturing.

Hans Mehl