INTRODUCING Signature Series

When size matters, why fit anything else?

Make an impression by fitting the best small non-wireless hearing aids in the industry.

We've mastered the art of small

As the leader in custom products, Starkey has always set the pace when it comes to fitting the best sound and most functionality in the smallest hearing aids possible.

Starkey Signature Series—our smallest line of custom products yet—laps the competition once again. It gives you three, one-of-a-kind hearing aids that you can offer to wow patients, differentiate your practice, and turn naysayers into converts.

  • As small as possible

  • Transparent sound

  • Personalized craftsmanship

  • Wireless programming

  • Available only from you

  • Innovation in a small package

    Built off the industry’s most advanced processor and powered by our industry-leading Neuro Sound Technology, Signature Series deliver the size, performance and personalized fit that patients can only get from you.

  • An extra edge

    Give CIC wearers the power of Edge Mode+, which uses AI to optimize sound quality on-demand for clearer speech or improved listening comfort at the push of a button.


The world’s smallest custom rechargeable hearing aid is also waterproof* and has up to a 38-hour battery life.

*Up to 1 meter.


Not everyone wants rechargeable, but everyone wants a small device with amazing sound — and now you’ve got the best.


Nobody does invisible like Starkey. And no smallest-of-small hearing aid performs better than Signature Series IIC.

We're making stigma invisible

With premium sound in virtually invisible sizes, patients now have three fewer reasons to say no.