More than just a recurring source of incremental revenue.

Delivering more power for your business

Battery sales are an amazing power source for your business. Not only does every purchase deliver a positive jolt to your bottom line, each visit to your office for batteries is one more chance to build loyalty and word of mouth with your patients.

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Hearing aid batteries

How battery sales can benefit your practice

  • Returning patients are more likely to purchase hearing instrument upgrades, warranties and accessories from you due to the ongoing care and service that you provide.
  • Superior aftercare will lock in your existing patients rather than allowing them to go to your competition for their future hearing healthcare needs.
  • Battery promotions attract new patients to your practice.
  • High quality batteries protect your patient's investment and enhance your patient/provider relationship.
  • Dedicated battery sales executives can help you manage your inventory and provide support for programs that drive patient satisfaction and retention.
Hearing professional demoing hearing aids to patient

Count on us for the best selection

  • Depending on your business goals, you can choose between customized or branded batteries.
  • Improved packaging includes cards that are made from recyclable materials and dials produced from recycled plastic.
  • Larger tabs provide greater patient convenience.
Hearing professional and patient talking

Rechargeable batteries FAQs

Do lithium-ion devices have specific shipping requirements?

Yes, all lithium-ion devices must follow specific guidelines if you find a need to return them back to Starkey. Lithium-Ion batteries are regulated as a hazardous material under the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Hazardous Materials Regulations. Appropriate package labeling is required. Additional information including what devices contain a lithium-ion battery, shipping labels and instructions can be found in the Rechargeable Shipping Guide PDF located here:

How many years will the lithium-ion battery last?

You can expect up to four years of life out of the lithium-ion battery, depending on usage. As it reaches the end of its life expectancy, daily battery life will decline, and the patient may need to charge their hearing aids more often throughout the day to receive a full day of use.