Built for the future

By continuously pushing the edge of what's possible, Starkey will always be 10 years ahead—with groundbreaking innovations, award-winning products and services, and caring technology that make us the best hearing manufacturer to partner with.

A new beginning

Genesis AI is the latest proof of our innovative spirit. Because when you’re redefining the future of hearing health, you don’t stop with incremental improvements when delivering breakthrough benefits is your bread and butter.
Genesis AI CIC and RIC hearing aid.
Over 550 hours of lab testing
500 scientists and engineers involved
1 million hours in development

Count on us for the kinds of innovations that make your job easier and your patients’ lives better.

We believe in better

Believing we can make a difference in the lives of others powers us forward every day — and has made Starkey the leader in better hearing.

A smiling lab technician

Built with purpose

Starkey products withstand the most grueling quality control processes in the industry — because not only do your patients rely on the technology you fit, your reputation does too.

Beyond IP68

Our three-pronged approach to protection starts with IP68 then builds from there.

50+ tests

All our hearing aids must first survive over 50 performance and durability tests.

306 active patents

The number of software and hardware patents we currently have active.
A hearing professional talking to a woman holding a hearing aid
A hearing professional talking to a woman holding a hearing aid

Dedicated to
your success

We put our money where our mission is — providing you with dedicated, experienced teams devoted to customer service, as well as your sales and marketing efforts. All to serve you better than anyone else.
A hearing professional and a man watching a woman trying on a hearing aid

In-office Support

Get the resources you need to give patients the care they deserve.
Hands typing on a laptop keyboard


Conveniently order and track Starkey products and supplies anytime, from anywhere.
An old image of Starkey's original building in Eden Prairie
An old image of Starkey's original building in Eden Prairie

Over a half century of innovation

Since 1967, Starkey has led the way in hearing aid breakthroughs, and turned the industry on its ear.
Better hearing is who we are and all we do — from our executives to the team members who hand build every custom hearing aid your patients order.
Bill Austin standing on a stage next to the quote 'Alone we can't do much, together we can change the world.'