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All Make Repair

Service hearing aids of any age, model, or manufacturer.

Strengthen your business with repair solutions

All Make Repair services hearing aids that are damaged and out of manufacturer’s warranty. This includes hearing aids by manufacturers no longer in business. From yesterday’s analog products to today’s digital models – All Make Repair has a solution. Plus, shop our wide selection of reconditioned hearing aids at monthly special prices. Login for pricing.

All Make Repair has been in the business of restoring hearing aids for over 60 years. As All Make Repair has progressed from our early days as a small repair service, so has our expertise with all hearing aid types. When it comes to your needs and demands, our understanding continues to evolve – with you.

To begin, simply head to the eStore and submit a repair form.

How All Make Repair promotes your practice

  • Being able to service hearing aids, regardless of age or warranty coverage, can help differentiate you from the competition.
  • Repairing hearing aids that are outdated but still preferred can boost patient satisfaction, loyalty – and your bottom line.
  • Quality repairs protect your patient’s investment. Just as Starkey was founded as an all make repair service, All Make Repair technicians are seasoned and specialized. Only quality replacement materials are used – and after rigorous testing.
  • All Make Repair allows you to guarantee all repairs with 6-month or 1-year warranty options.
  • Reusing hearing aids shows your commitment to sustainability and a better future. All Make Repairs also accepts salvage hearing aids for parts or restoration, so you can help us continue to help others.

Shop our reconditioned hearing aids

Choosing reconditioned hearing aids supports patients who aren’t ready to transition to new hearing aids or are used to their current sound quality. All Make Repair can help you provide the product they want – and the coverage to go with it.

  • Reconditioned hearing aids can assist patients who lose one side of a binaural set but are not ready to invest in another. Often, we can supply the matching hearing aid, reconditioned, from our selection.
  • Our reconditioned assortment provides options for financially challenged patients. We offer a variety of hearing aid types and models at reasonable prices.
  • Peace of mind is part of the package. All reconditioned hearing aids come with a 1-year repair warranty and 30-day trial. Plus, additional warranty coverage can be purchased in the eStore.
  • Save more when you buy more. All Make Repair offers reduced pricing on bulk sales. Contact the All Make Repair customer support team at (800) 328-8602 ext. 2003 to learn more.

All Make Repair FAQs

What types of hearing aids and accessories does All Make Repair service?

All Make Repair can repair or replace hearing aids and accessories of nearly any age, model, or manufacturer. If, for some reason, there is a model we cannot repair, you will not be charged. We can also offer replacement options upon request.

Where can I find the repair form for All Make Repair and where do I send it?

Find repair forms at the eStore. Submit them straight from the site, and then send the hearing aids to Starkey using the printable UPS label.

Can I submit a repair for a different manufacturer's hearing aid on

Absolutely. If we have not seen the hearing aid for repair previously, please be sure to enter the make, model, and user information on the repair form.

Why am I getting the wrong information when I enter the serial number for a different manufacturer’s hearing aid?

You may be entering a duplicate serial number. Try adding the hearing aid user’s initials at the end of the serial number. This should allow you to enter the hearing aid’s make, model, and user information.

How do I send salvage items to All Make Repair?

Hearing aids, accessories, and supplies for salvage can be sent using Starkey labels. Please include your account number, contact information, and “Attention: AMR Salvage” [/ “Attn: AMR Salvage] on the label.

Can I request an additional warranty for another manufacturer's hearing aids on

Unfortunately, you cannot request warranties online for devices that have not previously been seen by All Make Repair. However, you may contact our customer support team at (800) 328-8602 ext. 2003 to request warranties for these.

If you have purchased a reconditioned hearing aid from All Make Repair or had another manufacturer’s device repaired by us, you may submit a request for an additional warranty on

What Starkey products are repairable through All Make Repair?

Some of our popular product lines that we repair include Livio, Muse, Halo, Microtech Focus, Thrive, Qualitone, Start Hear, SoundLens, Xino, Via, Circa, iNow, SDS, Miniscopic, Esentia and MicroLens, as well as many other brands within Starkey’s family of hearing aids. Our team can help to repair yours if your product meets Starkey’s repair criteria. Simply fill out the Repair Form here and a member of Starkey’s repair team will respond with further instructions.