My Starkey and Hear Share app screens.
My Starkey and Hear Share app screens.

Mobile apps

Enhance the capabilities of our hearing aids and simplify daily life with our lineup of popular hearing apps.

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My Starkey

Designed with the input of hearing aid wearers, My Starkey pairs with Genesis AI hearing aids to help you enjoy greater listening moments, improved well-being, and easier everyday living — all from the palm of your hand.

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Our Thrive app gives users full control over their hearing aids through their smartphone. The Thrive app is easy to use and includes features that let users make quick hearing aid adjustments, monitor their health, create custom memories, stream phone calls and music, and more. Thrive is compatible with Evolv AI and all Livio hearing aids.

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Hear Share

Hear Share is the world’s first app that lets caregivers see important health and wellness information about – and shared by – someone wearing Genesis AI, Evolv AI or Livio Edge AI hearing aids. It’s designed to give family, friends, or care team members added peace of mind, and help the hearing aid wearer feel more independent.

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SoundCheck Live

SoundCheck Live is a user-friendly app designed to help patients gain awareness of noise exposure and the importance of protecting their hearing.

They can measure sound levels around them using the sound level meter. Plus, learn about the impact of environmental noise on hearing and how hearing protection like SoundGear can help. All from the palm of their hand.

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Our Relax app

Our Relax app is designed to help provide personalized relief to people suffering from tinnitus. This app allows the user to customize 12 different relief sounds to personal preference and save each uniquely — providing the best relief for each user’s unique tinnitus. Relax also includes a comprehensive tinnitus education library about symptoms, causes, treatments and solutions as well as a way to reach a hearing care professional for additional consultation.

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