Hearing professional greeting female
Hearing professional greeting female

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Welcome to the Starkey team! We've been partnering with hearing care professionals for over 50 years, with one goal: to serve our customers better than anyone else. Let us help you get started.

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Transforming tomorrow
See how Starkey uses industry-forward technology to design hearing aids that connect people with people.

Download first. Program next.

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Get our latest software

Make sure you have the current version of software to make fittings more accurate, effortless, and personalized.
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Program your hearing aids

Our comprehensive, step-by-step QuickFit process makes it instantly easier to program your hearing aids.

Starkey resources


Your industry-leading online source for product information, business solutions, continued learning opportunities, industry information and research.


Our online ordering system makes 24/7 ordering fast and easy. Access the eStore from StarkeyPro.com using your login, or through Inspire software.


Our sales representatives are your personal account experts, dedicated to help with your sales needs and for in-depth discussions about your Starkey business.

Continuing education

Take advantage of our in-person and online training to create a better experience for you and your patients.


All our data at the tip of your fingers. Catch up on industry studies from our expert research team.

Product overview

Starkey uses industry-forward technology to design hearing aids that connect people with people.

All Make

Our professionals can answer your questions on servicing any type of hearing device.

Warranty services

Our Warranty department is standing by to help with all your warranty-related questions.

Custom earmolds

We offer a range of earmolds to help create a customized experience for your patients.

Better together

Starkey has specialized groups that offer audiology, customer service, and technical support. Call (800) 328-8602 and our representative will get you to the help you need.

Need help getting started? Talk to a person, not a prompt.

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