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Over the counter (OTC) hearing aids

Start Hearing one: A better OTC hearing solution

Patients can hear better wherever they go, whatever they do.

Start Hearing one is an over the counter hearing device for adults 18 years or older with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss. It doesn’t require a hearing evaluation, so it’s a convenient way for some patients to improve their hearing health.
start hearing one

Start Hearing one uses the latest processing and software to make sounds clearer. It has four preset programs that help patients hear better in many situations. They can use the app to control volume and change settings as needed.

OTC Home


Medium noise reduction in quiet small groups or watching TV.
OTC Restaurants


High noise reduction in noisy locations.
OTC Music


Medium noise reduction in stadiums, auditoriums, concerts, or music in general.
OTC Outside and Car


High noise reduction in wind and road noise.

Reliable. Comfortable.

  • Discreet, lightweight design
  • No prescription or hearing evaluation required
  • App controlled
  • Phone/audio streaming (iOS only)
  • Android/iOS compatible
  • 30-day trial
  • Discounted service plans available
OTC Hearing Aid