Livio RIC 312


Should the transmitter be paired to the accessories?

The CROS Transmitter does not need to be paired to an accessory.

Where is Transient Noise Reduction in a CROS device?

The Transient Noise Reduction feature is not available in the CROS devices.

Where is the Speech in Noise feature in a CROS device?

The Speech in Noise feature is a binaural algorithm and is not applicable to the CROS device.

How can I find the Transmitter while connected in Inspire X?

The Transmitter device will read into Inspire X on the “Get Started” screen, but once in an active fitting session, the hearing professional will not see the device as connected.

How do you engage Tap Control as a user control from the CROS transmitter?

Sensor functionality features are only available on the receiver side of a CROS fitting.