hearing aid charger
hearing aid charger

Compatible chargers

All our chargers serve as a charging station and carrying case for Genesis AI or Evolv AI rechargeable hearing aids and are available with or without an on-board lithium-ion battery. You choose what’s best for your patient.

StarLink Charger 2.0

The StarLink Charger 2.0 is the new charger for Genesis AI mRIC R and RIC RT rechargeable hearing aids. It is also compatible with Genesis AI custom rechargeable hearing aids.

  • Features a redesigned case with large wells that easily fit RIC cables and molds.
  • Enables enhanced retention.
  • Provides approximately three hours of hearing aid use time in ten minutes of charging via on-board turbo charging.
  • Comes with internal LED charging lights and distinct color charging slots.
  • Premium charger allows for on-the-go charging and provides three additional full charges.
  • Non-premium charger must be plugged into an external power source (i.e., wall outlet) to function/charge the hearing aids.
StarLink Charger

Charger FAQs

When does turbo charging occur? How can one tell?

For the new StarLink Chargers, as well as the Mini Turbo Charger: Turbo charging occurs when the hearing aid battery is low.

If the hearing aid battery is low, the StarLink Chargers or Mini Turbo Charger will "Turbo Charge" the hearing aid for the first seven minutes the hearing aid is on the charger, it then returns to regular charging rate after “turbo mode” completes.

The seven minutes of turbo charging will give the patient up to 3 hours of hearing aid use.

How often should I charge the Mini Turbo Charger?

Once every three weeks. This will allow the charger to maintain enough capacity to charge a pair of hearing aids at least one time during a three-week period.