Start Hearing

Drive more patients to your practice by becoming a preferred Start Hearing provider in your community.

About Start Hearing

Start Hearing builds relationships with companies, insurance providers, and organizations to offer hearing benefit discounts to their employees or members. 
  • A referral program founded in 2005 and owned by Starkey. We are the only major hearing aid manufacturer offering a direct hearing health discount program.
  • Can assist you with large corporations, contracted insurance and employer groups as well as associations and unions in your market.

  • A dedicated staff, constantly driving to promote Start Hearing within existing contracts and to connect with new businesses and organizations to develop relationships and expansion of contracts.
About Start Hearing

Preferred provider advantages

  • This is a simple and efficient way for your practice to gain incremental patients. 
  • We execute marketing campaigns with our contracted partners to drive benefit awareness and program growth. 
  • Start Hearing has a centralized, industry trained, Patient Referral Center to handle consumer questions, coordinate appointments and assist in the sales process. 
Preferred Provider Advantages

Types of contracts

Discount Contract

Start Hearing contracts with national and regional groups to offer their member/employees a hearing aid discount program. The discount program is growing with new contracts and more frequent marketing messaging with our existing contracts. Providers will receive a fitting fee, the highest in the industry.

All Starkey customers are eligible to be a part of Start Hearing.

Funded Program Contracts

Start Hearing contracts with organizations wanting to either fully cover or partially cover the costs of hearing aids and services for their employees and/or retirees. The network provider is responsible for collection of deductibles and co-pays. Start Hearing is responsible for billing and collecting the balance from the insurance plan. Start Hearing will reimburse the network providers for their billed services.

All Starkey customers are eligible to participate if they have an Audiologist on staff.

Workers' Compensation Contracts

Workers' Compensation plans cover all diagnostic, services and hearing aid costs. No fees are charged or collected by the network provider. Network providers may need to obtain prior authorization before rendering services. Start Hearing is responsible for billing and collecting the balance from the Workers' Compensation plans.

All Starkey customers are eligible to participate. Audiologist requirements differ by plan. For more detailed information, refer to the Start Hearing provider manuals for Workers’ Compensation.

Get credentialed today!

Business Owners (New or re-credentialed)
  1. Download the Start Hearing Owner Application and the Network Provider Agreement
  2. Complete and send both documents to:
  3. Download the Owner Credentialing Guide for support in completing the application. (Owners who are also hearing professionals need to complete both the Owner and Professional applications)
  4. You will be contacted once fully credentialed
Hearing Professionals
  1. Download the Start Hearing Professional Application
  2. We have partnered with CAQH to help with the Professional Profiles for credentialing. Each Hearing Instrument Specialist and Audiologist will need to fill out the SH Professional Application and go to the CAQH website to either create or update their CAQH Profile at Below is the CAQH Profile User Guide to help. Please note that in addition to setting up the CAQH Profile, professionals should be attesting to their information every 120 days on the site. Download the CAQH Profile User Guide.
  3. Complete and send the application to:
  4. You will be contacted once fully credentialed

If you have credentialing questions, please contact
the Start Hearing credentialing team at (800) 510‐4194.