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Fitting software

Our intuitive programming software helps you deliver precise fittings and superior counseling for every patient, no matter the product.

Pro Fit — get the best fit on the first fit

Architected from the ground up based on input from hearing care professionals around the globe and at every step, Pro Fit brings a new, best-in-class fitting experience to you and your patients. Enhanced with several industry firsts, it was designed for efficiency, ease of use and a seamless fitting experience — from first fit to fine tuning.

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Inspire X makes personalized fittings effortless

Every patient's hearing needs are unique. With Inspire X 2023.1, you have an even more personal, accurate way to fit your patients with Starkey's Prescriptive Fitting Package including a Feedback-Free Start, Multi-Channel Speech Optimization, Dedicated Music Compressor, Hearing Reality Pro, REM Target Match and Multiflex Tinnitus Pro.

Inspire software on a computer screen.