A woman being fit with a hearing aid
A woman being fit with a hearing aid

Livio Edge AI

As a hearing professional you know it’s not possible to prepare a patient for every scenario. Livio Edge AI changes that by combining an industry-leading sound platform with next-generation sound processing that patients can activate on demand.

Livio features include:

Feedback Control
Best-in-class comprehensive feedback management system.
Reduces circuit noise over a wider range of input levels providing a high fidelity listening experience regardless of the level of background noise.
Surface Nanoshield
Coated on components, cases and Hear Clear wax traps, Surface Nanoshield gives patients next-generation moisture and wax repellent to ensure reliability and durability.
Smart VC
Allows for the gain to increase in all the channels not already at maximum, giving a desired and needed increase in loudness.
Music Enhancement
The dedicated music compressor in Livio hearing aids is designed for a more dynamic input and a broader frequency response. Inspire software includes music adjustment controls so professionals can quickly and easily match the subjective tastes of their patients.
Single-sided Hearing Loss
Available on RIC 312, RIC R and BTE 13 styles only. Made to aid unilateral loss, patients with single-sided hearing loss will be able to hear the world around them — in full, pristine Starkey Sound. Our Livio CROS System brings audibility and speech understanding to those who only struggle with hearing from one ear. Also available in BiCROS for individuals who have hearing loss in both ears.
Speech Optimization
Our proprietary multi-segment compression architecture combines speech audibility and overall comfort.
Noise reduction algorithm designed to provide supreme comfort for wind noise.
Speech Indicators for Memory
For each memory programmed, an extensive list of descriptive words is available, allowing hearing professionals to choose the most meaningful indicators for their patient.
Frequency Lowering
Enhances real-time audibility by identifying high-frequency speech cues and replicating them in lower frequencies.
Personalized Tinnitus Relief
Our patent-pending Multiflex Tinnitus Technology is standard on all product styles and technology levels. Designed with personalization and flexibility in mind, our tinnitus technology works as a wireless binaural system with synchronized user controls providing the best comfort and control.

Thrive App

This user-friendly app provides users with full control of their Livio hearing aids.
TeleHear Remote Programming icon

TeleHear Remote Programming

Allows patients to engage in an appointment with you via video chat using the Thrive app.
Self Check icon

Self Check

Provides a quick, convenient way for patients to analyze their hearing aid system's performance.
Reminders icon


Patients can set up reminders for appointments, taking medications, prescription refills or other personal tasks.
A phone with the Thrive app on the screen

Compatible accessories

Table Microphone
Designed to improve listening in group gatherings or noisy restaurants, it also functions as a TV streamer or body-worn remote microphone.
Mini Remote Microphone
Enjoy one-on-one conversations in noisy environments by attaching this to a conversation partner’s clothing.
Remote Microphone +
Enables easy audio streaming from a variety of audio sources, and one-on-one conversations in noisy environments.
Easily control memory and volume, mute hearing aids and turn other special features on and off.