A man drinking coffee with a hearing aid in his ear
A man drinking coffee with a hearing aid in his ear


Hearing aid customization means creating a one-of-a-kind hearing aid that fits each patient's exact ear anatomy for optimal comfort and performance. No two ears are alike, and that’s why we were the first to offer customization and are still the leaders in custom solutions today.

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Picasso features include:

Acuity Immersion Directionality
Putting a directional hearing aid on the ear has the unintended consequence of losing the natural benefit provided by the pinna. Acuity Immersion Directionality is designed to restore front-to-back cues for the patient, creating a more natural, safer listening experience. Available on ITC/HS and ITE styles only.
Speech Indicators for Memory
For each memory programmed, an extensive list of descriptive words is available, allowing hearing professionals to choose the most meaningful indicators for their patient.
Acuity Quiet
Acuity Quiet takes Acuity Voice to the next level by allowing it to process over a larger range of inputs. This provides a high fidelity listening experience regardless of the level of background noise.
Multi-Segment Compression
Our proprietary multi-segment compression architecture, Acuity Speech Optimization, combines speech audibility and overall comfort to achieve Starkey Sound™.
Superior Directional Detection
Designed to improve speech detection in difficult listening environments, Acuity Directionality is intelligent and personalized to continually adapt in all channels. It prioritizes conversations with up to 6 dB of speech enhancement, so patients can better hear and participate in conversations from all directions.
Optimal Audibility in Noisy Environments
Acuity Voice runs in parallel with Acuity Lifescape Analyzer to provide optimal audibility for speech. Its two-part algorithm uses dynamic voice identification, coupled with a spectral noise control that calculates appropriate gain on a per-channel basis, for unprecedented sound quality, ease of listening, and intelligibility of speech in noise.
Superior Feedback Management
The only proactive feedback management systems, our WhistleFree Feedback Cancellation anticipates feedback and can be personalized to product and patient.
Connections with Streaming Media and Accessories
Our compatible SurfLink accessories offer patients carefree connectivity and control anytime, anywhere.
Personalized Tinnitus Relief
Our patent-pending Multiflex Tinnitus Technology is standard on all product styles and technology levels. Designed with personalization and flexibility in mind, our tinnitus technology works as a wireless binaural system with synchronized user controls providing the best comfort and control.

Compatible accessories

SurfLink Mini Mobile
Easily connect any Bluetooth-ready mobile device to wireless Picasso hearing aids.
SurfLink Remote Microphone
Clip to a conversation partner or set on a table to stream audio directly to any Picasso hearing aid.
SurfLink Remote
Lets patients adjust their hearing aids via in-hand remote.
SurfLink Media 2
Streams audio straight to wireless Picasso hearing aids from TVs, MP3 players and more.