Livio Edge AI RIC R AP

A pair of RIC Rs in a Standard Charger

Standard Charger

Included with RIC R hearing aids, our standard charger is easy to use and provides up to three full charges for the hearing aids.
A pair of RIC Rs on a a Mini Turbo Charger

Mini Turbo Charger

In just seven minutes, our pocket-sized charger provides 3.5 hours of power and can completely charge RIC R hearing aids up to four times.


Should the transmitter be paired to the accessories?

The CROS Transmitter does not need to be paired to an accessory.

Where is Transient Noise Reduction in a CROS device?

The Transient Noise Reduction feature is not available in the CROS devices.

Where is the Speech in Noise feature in a CROS device?

The Speech in Noise feature is a binaural algorithm and is not applicable to the CROS device.

How can I find the Transmitter while connected in Inspire X?

The Transmitter device will read into Inspire X on the “Get Started” screen, but once in an active fitting session, the hearing professional will not see the device as connected.

How do you engage Tap Control as a user control from the CROS transmitter?

Sensor functionality features are only available on the receiver side of a CROS fitting.