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Inspire X

Our popular fitting software for all
pre- Genesis AI hearing aids.

Make personalized fittings effortless

With our popular fitting software, Inspire X, you have a more personal, accurate way to fit your patients with all Starkey hearing aids that are pre-Genesis AI.

A precise fitting is critical to creating successful patient outcomes, which is why Inspire X comes loaded with features that make it easy to send patients home happy.

Inspire software on a computer screen.

Inspire X 2023.1 features

Advanced Adaptive Directionality

Putting a hearing aid on the ear has the unintended consequence of losing the natural benefit provided by the pinna. Immersion Directionality is designed to restore front-to-back cues for the patient creating a more natural, safer listening experience.

Advanced Tools

Provides additional features such as Audiometer, Expert Assistant, etc. to assist in troubleshooting, fine tuning, testing, and verifying the patient's hearing aid(s) during follow-up visits.


e-STAT is a proprietary fitting algorithm tailored to Starkey's compression architecture. e-STAT provides an excellent starting point from which further fine-tuning adjustments can be achieved as necessary to meet the patient’s needs.

Frequency Lowering

Frequency Lowering is used to improve audibility of high frequency sounds while both preserving sound quality and improving speech understanding. Frequency Lowering is designed to benefit patients with steeply-sloping, moderate to severe, high frequency hearing loss.


Set and adjust the frequency and language for speech indicators that inform the patient of hearing aid status such as a low battery, memory change, etc. The memory change speech indicator may be selected from a standard list (Normal, Restaurant) or a list of frequent patient activities (Everyday, Golf) providing for an easier, patient experience.

Initial Fit

Initial Fit protocol is designed to increase the acceptance of hearing aids by patients. It launches automatically to guide the professional through the selection of experience level based on the patient’s experience with amplification. Initial Fit includes an Auto Path function that provides the most efficient, reliable and prescriptively appropriate initial fit in the industry.

Multiflex Tinnitus Pro

Starkey's shaping algorithm and custom fit tool to help provide more personalized tinnitus maskers for Evolv AI 2400 and Livio Edge AI 2400 patients with an easier and faster first fit.

REM Target Match

This feature speeds up fitting and leaves more time for counseling. It’s available on all product styles and tiers for Evolv AI, Livio Edge AI, Livio AI, Livio, Picasso, Muse iQ, Muse, Halo iQ, Halo, SoundLens Synergy iQ and SoundLens Synergy. REM Target Match facilitates direct communication between Inspire X and the Otometrics Aurical Free Fit, the MedRx Avant, the MedRx Avant REM+, the Inventis Trumpet systems, and now with Audioscan Verifit1 and Verifit2 devices.

Sound Manager

Starkey Sound™ features seven automated sound classes: Music, Speech in Loud Noise, Speech in Noise, Machine, Wind, Noise, and Quiet — making it the most sophisticated and accurate classification and adaption system. Sound Manager prioritizes speech in noise by making discrete adjustments every 6 msec per channel for a variety of environments.

TeleHear Remote Programming

TeleHear is Starkey’s synchronous remote programming system allowing you to help fine tune your patient’s hearing experience without them having to stop into the office. TeleHear adds feedback cancellation initialization and In-situ Audiometry to provide a complete full-service remote first-fit solution with user acceptance ratings comparable to in-office sessions. Using the patient’s real-world environment during the hearing aid fitting improves the chances of a better first visit result. In addition, the follow-up fitting has been expanded to include adjustments for memories, user controls, and indicators.

User Controls

Configure patient controls for a variety of functions such as Edge Mode, volume control, memory, tinnitus, Fall Detection, Tap Sensitivity, etc. Once the patient controls are configured, specific settings such as memory environments or signals for indicators, if applicable, can be adjusted.

Software FAQs

Why am I not able to read the Evolv AI/Livio AI/Livio hearing aids using Inspire X?
  • The Bluetooth® is off on the smartphone.
  • The Evolv AI/Livio AI/Livio hearing aids have a timeout feature that prevents any hearing aid from pairing or reading it after three minutes of the hearing aid being turned on.
  • Restart the hearing aid(s) by opening and closing the battery door.
  • For rechargeable hearing aids: place them on the charger (turns them off) then remove them from the charger (turns them on).