StarLink Charger 2.0 (mRIC R, RIC RT and Custom)

StarLink Charger
  • Product Description

Our StarLink Premium Charger 2.0 is the ROES default for all Genesis AI and Signature Series rechargeable hearing aid orders. This charger includes an on-board lithium-ion battery that provides up to three full charges on-the-go. The tailored interior charges RICs and custom hearing aids easily and securely. It has internal LED charging lights for the charger battery, as well as each hearing aid battery that show charging in progress and charging complete. The Premium charger includes on-board turbo charging for three hours of hearing aid use time in just 10 minutes of charging.

StarLink (Non-premium) Charger 2.0 is available to order in ROES as a selectable option with new hearing aid orders. Non-premium chargers do not include an on-board battery and must be plugged into an external power source (i.e., wall outlet) to function/charge the hearing aids.

Standalone StarLink Premium and Non-premium chargers are available to order through Parts and Accessories.