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2.4 GHz accessories

Evolv AI and Livio hearing aids connect to any modern smartphone, TV or media device. See our lineup of available 2.4 GHz hearing aid accessories.

2.4 GHz accessories

All Evolv AI and Livio hearing aids connect simply and easily to any modern smartphone, television or media device to stream phone calls, music, voice assistants and more. With our versatile and patient-focused line of 2.4 GHz accessories, patients can connect effortlessly to their world.

Accessories FAQs

A patient’s Livio hearing aids are not pairing to the Mini Remote Microphone – why?

If a Livio hearing aid was purchased between August 2018 through February 2019, hearing aids will need a firmware update to be compatible with the Mini Remote Microphone.

What is the on-board noise management on the Mini Remote Microphone?

We've integrated our proprietary noise management into this device.

Does the Mini Remote Microphone have in-line capabilities?

No. For in-line capabilities, choose our Remote Microphone + accessory.

Can you start and stop the TV steaming without the Thrive Hearing Control app?

Yes, you can stop and start the streaming of the TV streamer using the 2.4 GHz Remote Control.

When does turbo charging occur? How can one tell?

Turbo charging only occurs when the hearing aid battery is less than 20 percent.

If the hearing aid battery is less than 20 percent, the Mini Turbo Charger will "Turbo Charge" the hearing aid for the first seven minutes the hearing aid is on the charger, it then returns to regular charging rate after Turbo Mode completes.

The seven minutes of Turbo Charging will give the patient 3.5 hours of hearing aid use. All four LEDs will glow in a series when the hearing aids are Turbo Charging.

How often should I charge the Mini Turbo Charger?

Once every three weeks. This will allow the charger to maintain enough capacity to charge a pair of hearing aids at least one time during a three-week period.