Compatible chargers

All our chargers serve as a charging station and carrying case for Genesis AI or Signature Series rechargeable hearing aids and are available with or without an on-board lithium-ion battery. You choose what’s best for your patient.

StarLink Premium Charger 2.0

The all-new StarLink Premium Charger 2.0 is the ROES default charger for Genesis AI and Signature Series rechargeable hearing aid orders.

  • On-board battery fully charges in 3.5 hours.
  • Tailored interior charges RIC and custom hearing aids easily and securely.
  • Turbo charge: approximately 3 hours of use in only 10 minutes of charging.
  • Charger battery LED indicators.
  • Hearing aid LED indicator. One each for L/R show charging in progress and charging complete.
  • Unique chargers for mRIC R, RIC RT and custom. Models are clearly identified on the base label of the charger. 
StarLink Premium Charger 2.0

Standard Premium Charger

Our Standard Premium Charger is the ROES default for all Evolv AI rechargeable BTE orders. It is equipped with LED lights to indicate charging status of the hearing aids and the charger.
BTE Charger

Charger FAQs

When does turbo charging occur? How can one tell?
For the new StarLink Chargers, turbo charging occurs when the hearing aid battery is low.

If the hearing aid battery is low, the StarLink Chargers will "Turbo Charge" the hearing aid for the first ten minutes the hearing aid is on the charger, it then returns to regular charging rate after “turbo mode” completes.

The ten minutes of turbo charging will give the patient up to 3 hours of hearing aid use.
When should I charge the StarLink Premium Charger?
The need to charge the premium charger's battery depends on how many times it is used when not plugged into a power source. Once the battery indicator shows less than a 25% charge ─ the lowest bar is flashing ─ then it's a good idea to plug the charger in to ensure it is ready to charge the hearing aids on the go.