No rest
for the best

All-new features and functionality
push the performance and ease of
Genesis AI further than ever.

Neuro Sound Technology

Transparent sound for the clearest hearing yet.

Built off the industry’s most advanced processor technology—which includes a unique on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN) accelerator engine—our Neuro Sound Technology enables wearers to hear soft sounds without noise, distinguish words and speech more naturally, and significantly reduce their listening effort.

80 million

hearing adjustments every hour

20 dB

improvement in dynamic range

Our lowest
noise floor yet

s1 chip All New

Starkey Neuro Processor

The industry’s most advanced processor.










Edge Mode+

Intelligent. On demand. And now automatic.

edge mode + icon

The industry’s first and only on-demand, DNN-powered sound analyzer can now move with patients. Now, when patients activate Edge Mode+, it will continue to scan, adapt and optimize as the acoustic environment changes.

Smooth and seamless, the only thing patients will only know is that they’re hearing in challenging situations more clearly and comfortably than ever before.

So smart, it thinks like wearers do.

So fast, it adapts before they can.

Genesis AI is anything but ordinary.

Easy on the ears

From the industry’s smallest custom products to a new, ergonomic RIC design, Genesis AI delivers maximum comfort, durability and discreetness.

White RIC RT hearing aid White
Tech Black RIC RT hearing aid Tech Black
Graphite Gray RIC RT hearing aid Graphite Gray
Silver RIC RT hearing aid Silver
Chestnut RIC RT hearing aid Chestnut
Caramel RIC RT hearing aid Caramel
Beige RIC RT hearing aid Beige

Longest lasting

rechargeable RIC

(up to 51 hours)


rechargeable styles

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FlexForm receiver cable

Patented Pro8 HydraShieldTM technology keeps them safe from sweat, dirt, dust, drops, and dunks.

*Up to 1 meter.

Genesis product family

Available in the most popular styles professionals fit.

Power to the patients

Our StarLink Charger 2.0 is convenient, compact, and sturdy

Large well

easily fits all RIC cables
or custom molds

10 minutes of charging
delivers approximately

three hours of use

Premium charger’s
on-board battery

holds 3 extra charges

All new charger

My Starkey

Able to leap connectivity barriers in a single app.

With My Starkey, we rethought the app experience starting with the Home screen — making it easy, fast, and rewarding to use.

Edge Mode+

Uses AI to optimize sound quality on-demand for either clearer speech or improved listening comfort.

Personal health monitoring

Helps patients accurately count steps, track engagement and achieve well-being goals.

Fall detection

The only hearing aid that can detect falls and alert family or friends.

Hearing control

Adjust hearing aid settings, find lost aids, stream calls and more.

Binaural streaming

Uses Bluetooth Low Energy protocol to deliver real — not faked — binaural streaming.

Patient education

A complete library of fresh “How-to” videos is accessible right on the app.

Check out all My Starkey has to offer.

Get the best fit the first fit

Built with input from hearing professionals, new Pro Fit software gives you more scheduling flexibility and first-fit efficiency than ever before.

Starkey Pro Fit

Professional Fitting Software

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Minute Fit

Our trademarked methodology that allows you to go from box to best fit in four clicks.

Smart Connect

Automatically advances you to the exact session you need the moment you connect any hearing aids.


This complete, remote telehealth solution keeps you connected to patients even when they can't reach your office.

Refuse ordinary. Fit extraordinary.

From its unprecedented sound quality in both noise and quiet to the first-fit success and satisfaction it delivers to each and every patient, Genesis AI makes all other hearing technology feel ordinary. It's the hearing technology your patients deserve.